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Our farmers and food sellers are the heart and soul of the Pleasantville Farmers Market. Their faces are familiar. The food is spectacular. And we look forward to seeing them as much as if they lived right here in the Village. Check out the list below to read a bit about your favorite purveyors, and find out when they’ll be here at the market.

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Aba's Falafel

Company Name: Aba's Falafel
About: Aba's Falafel, in Clinton Corners, New York, prepares falafel, salads, and tahini sauce, using organic chickpeas and locally grown seasonal ingredients. Great for a take-home lunch or as a mid-shopping snack.
Category: specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: returns with outdoor market
item_number: 2 of 54
Adair Vineyards

Company Name: Adair Vineyards
About: Adair Vineyards, in New Paltz, New York, on the edge of the picturesque Shawangunk Mountains, produces a variety of delicious wines from locally grown grapes and fruits. Taste what Marc and Lori Stopkie create in the winery, housed in a 200-year-old barn.
Category: beverages
Frequency: returns with outdoor market
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Company Name: Alpacatrax
About: Alpacatrax, in Columbia County, NY, visits the Market for the holiday season with hand crafted alpaca shawls, scarves, socks, and boot warmers for gifts or a special occasion. All items are created using wool from their own herd.
Category: non-edible products
Frequency: special visits, tba
item_number: 4 of 54

Company Name: BeanLuv
About: BeanLuv, of Nyack, New York, is a new offering from current vendor Teagevity to serve shoppers cold brewed and hot coffee in the Market.
Category: beverages
Frequency: weekly
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Bombay Emerald Chutney Company

Company Name: Bombay Emerald Chutney Company
About: Bombay Emerald Chutney Company, in Yorktown, New York, creates delicious Indian chutneys, samosas, and marinades that will enliven any dish.
Category: specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month
item_number: 7 of 54
Bread Alone

Company Name: Bread Alone
About: Bread Alone, in Boiceville, New York, began baking bread from organic ingredients in 1983. Now their list of products includes granolas, pastries, and pies.
Category: baked goods
Frequency: weekly
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Break Bread Not Hearts

Company Name: Break Bread Not Hearts
About: Break Bread Not Hearts, of White Plains, New York, provides shoppers with scrambled eggs and oven roasted home fries, or a stir fry of market-fresh vegetables, rice, and chicken.
Category: specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: returns with outdoor market
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Company Name: Buddhapesto
About: Buddhapesto, in Woodstock, New York, makes one thing and one thing only: The best, most addictive basil pesto you have ever tasted.
Category: specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: weekly
item_number: 10 of 54
Campanelli's Poultry Farm

Company Name: Campanelli's Poultry Farm
About: Campanelli's Poultry Farm, in Sullivan County, New York, has three generations of experience raising fresh poultry and eggs. Tony Campanelli and his family will also bring to market turkey, ducks, geese and lamb.
Category: eggs, meat + poultry
Frequency: weekly
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Chaseholm Farm Creamery

Company Name: Chaseholm Farm Creamery
About: Chaseholm Farm Creamery, in Pine Plains, New York, brings in small batch, soft ripened and longer aged raw milk cheeses. They also carry products from neighboring Ronnybrook Farm Dairy and new Jarcuterie (farm-crafted charcuterie).
Category: dairy
Frequency: weekly
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Conant Valley Jams

Company Name: Conant Valley Jams
About: Conant Valley Jams, in South Salem, New York, creates small batch, handmade jams, marlmalades and chutneys which are remarkable for their clarity of taste and intensity of flavor. Unique fruits and recipes make their preserves an experience.
Category: specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: 1st & 3rd Saturdays of each month
item_number: 13 of 54
Cowberry Crossing Farm

Company Name: Cowberry Crossing Farm
About: Cowberry Crossing Farm, in Claverack, New York, is an organic and biodynamic farm, cultivating a symbiotic relationship between plants and animals for healthier food.
Category: eggs, fruits + vegetables, meat + poultry, plants + flowers
Frequency: weekly
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Dancing Spirits Herbs

Company Name: Dancing Spirits Herbs
About: Dancing Spirits Herbs, in Sleepy Hollow, New York, produces artisanal herbal products using locally sourced plants and fair trade ingredients. Try their delicious vinegars, natural salves and sugar scrubs, liniments, lip balms and herbal teas.
Category: specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: 4th Saturday of each month
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Demi Olive Oil

Company Name: Demi Olive Oil
About: Demi Olive Oil, a husband-wife team from Midland Park, New Jersey, offers a pure, extra virgin olive oil produced from olives grown on their farm in Greece. Harvested, bottled and sold by the farmers themselves, you can't get closer to the source.
Category: specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: 2nd & 4th Saturdays of each month
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Drink More Good

Company Name: Drink More Good
About: Drink More Good, in Beacon, New York, produces artisanal soda syrups using locally sourced and organic herbs and spices. Take home a syrup, or have a soda on tap over ice.
Category: beverages, specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: returns with outdoor market
item_number: 17 of 54
Dutch Desserts

Company Name: Dutch Desserts
About: Dutch Desserts, in Kinderhook, New York, makes those incredible tarts your guests must try. From their original Dutch apple to the irresistible fudgy chocolate.
Category: baked goods
Frequency: 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month
item_number: 18 of 54
Edgwick Farm

Company Name: Edgwick Farm
About: Edgwick Farm, in Cornwall, New York, hand crafts several varieties of farmstead goats milk cheese and bring fresh goat milk (white and chocolate) January through September.
Category: dairy, specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: weekly
item_number: 19 of 54
Gajeski Produce

Company Name: Gajeski Produce
About: Gajeski Produce, of Riverhead, New York, benefits from Long Island's extended growing season and indoor growing methods to produce a year-round supply of fresh produce.
Category: fruits + vegetables, culinary herbs, plants + flowers
Frequency: weekly
item_number: 20 of 54
Go-Go Pops

Company Name: Go-Go Pops
About: Go-Go Pops, in Cold Spring, New York, has at least 70 varieties of mouthwatering, artisan fruit pops. New this summer Go-Go will have fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices, ice cold agua frescas, and grab n' go salads. Refreshing!
Category: specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: weekly
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Harper Keehn Knife Sharpening

Company Name: Harper Keehn Knife Sharpening
About: Harper Keehn, from New Paltz, New York, will visit the Market June 10 & 17. Bring in your favorite knives to the Market to see them sharpened on site, or delivered sharp the following week. Steel knives only need Harper's attention to be as good as new.
Category: non-edible products
Frequency: special visits, tba
item_number: 22 of 54
Healing Home Foods

Company Name: Healing Home Foods
About: Healing Home Foods, in Pound Ridge, New York, is a local artisan producer of gluten-free and vegan granola, crackers and snacks, using many ingredients from regional farms. Doesn't that sound healthy AND tasty?
Category: specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: weekly
item_number: 23 of 54
Hudson River Apiaries

Company Name: Hudson River Apiaries
About: Hudson River Apiaries, in Verplanck, New York, harvests and bottles a variety of pure honeys, never heated or infused. Try their creamed honey, bee pollen, award-winning beeswax candles, and the fantastic line of maple products they carry by Lanza Farms.
Category: honey + maple products
Frequency: weekly
item_number: 24 of 54
Hudson Valley Duck Farm

Company Name: Hudson Valley Duck Farm
About: Hudson Valley Duck Farm, in Ferndale, New York, raise ducks cage-free, antibiotic free and hormone free. 30 years of experience has taught them how to raise the healthiest, happiest ducks, and how to create flavorful fresh and smoked duck products.
Category: meat + poultry, specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month
item_number: 25 of 54

Company Name: Jacuterie
About: Jacuterie, in Ancramdale, New York, produces classically inspired charcuterie. These small batch, European style dry cured sausages are available at the Market through the booth for neighboring Chaseholm Farm Creamery.
Category: meat + poultry, specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: weekly through Chaseholm Farm Creamery
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Kiernan Farm

Company Name: Kiernan Farm
About: Kiernan Farm, in Gardiner, New York, raises hormone-free, antibiotic-free cattle on an all-grass diet then uses dry-aging for healthy, tasty, high-quality beef.
Category: meat + poultry
Frequency: weekly
item_number: 27 of 54
Krazy for Kazu's

Company Name: Krazy for Kazu's
About: Krazy for Kazu's, in Falls Village, Connecticut, creates homestyle Japanese sauces, dressings, and spreads. Perfect with meats and veggies!
Category: specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: 2nd & 4th Saturdays of each month
item_number: 28 of 54
Kriemhild Dairy Farms

Company Name: Kriemhild Dairy Farms
About: Kriemhild Dairy Farms, in Hamilton, New York, prides itself on using quality milk from grass fed cows to make their pastured Meadow Butter and Creme Fraiche. Yum!
Category: dairy
Frequency: 3rd Saturdays of each month
item_number: 29 of 54
Little Seed Gardens

Company Name: Little Seed Gardens
About: Little Seed Gardens, in Chatham, New York, is committed to sustainable, organic farming that builds biological diversity for healthy crops and healthy people.
Category: fruits + vegetables, plants + flowers
Frequency: returns with outdoor market
item_number: 30 of 54
Living Edge Designs

Company Name: Living Edge Designs
About: Living Edge Design,of Rhinebeck, NY, handcrafts, tree to table, cutting boards and serving platters as beautiful and regional as the farmers market foods cut upon it! See them weekly at the Market until 11/22.
Category: non-edible products
Frequency: special visits, tba
item_number: 31 of 54
Mead Orchards

Company Name: Mead Orchards
About: Mead Orchards has provided us with a wide variety of apples, berries, and tree fruit for years, from a Tivoli, New York, orchard they have owned since 1916.
Category: beverages, honey + maple products, fruits + vegetables, specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: weekly
item_number: 32 of 54
Neversink Farm

Company Name: Neversink Farm
About: Neversink Farm, in Claryville, New York, is committed to organic, no-till/high density farming to produce high quality vegetables. Their practices enable Neversink Farm to offer a wide range of fresh items year-round.
Category: fruits + vegetables
Frequency: weekly
item_number: 33 of 54
North Winds Lavender Farm

Company Name: North Winds Lavender Farm
About: North Winds Lavender Farm, in Pawling, New York, creates unique homemade lavender-filled products, culinary lavender items, and black birch products from lavender crops grown on the farm without the use of herbicides or pesticides.
Category: baked goods, non-edible products, plants + flowers
Frequency: returns with outdoor market
item_number: 34 of 54
Orwasher's Bakery

Company Name: Orwasher's Bakery
About: Orwasher's Bakery, of New York City, New York, has almost a century of experience crafting European breads such as ryes, pumpernickels and challahs. Combined with their line of artisan breads, Orwasher's offers a wonderful selection of satisfying breads.
Category: baked goods
Frequency: weekly
item_number: 35 of 54
Pickle Licious

Company Name: Pickle Licious
About: Pickle Licious, in Teaneck, New Jersey, who sells all sorts of pickles, olives, and spreads, is a hit with both adults and kids who eat a pickle-on-a-stick like an ice pop!
Category: specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: weekly
item_number: 36 of 54
Pika's Farm Table

Company Name: Pika's Farm Table
About: Pika's Farm Table, in Lake Katrine, New York, has been making quiche from a family recipe since 2002, plus delicious tarts, soups, dips, and velvety bisque. And have you tasted their Market-baked Belgian waffles? Wow!
Category: specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: weekly
item_number: 37 of 54
Pura Vida Fisheries

Company Name: Pura Vida Fisheries
About: Pura-Vida Fisheries, in Hampton Bays, New York, brings us the freshest fish and shellfish and often has a line as long as the ones they use to catch the food.
Category: fish + seafood
Frequency: weekly
item_number: 38 of 54
Red Barn Bakery

Company Name: Red Barn Bakery
About: Red Barn Bakery, in Irvington, New York, transforms fresh, seasonal, organic ingredients into incredibly delicious tarts, pies, and other baked treats.
Category: baked goods, specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month
item_number: 39 of 54
Rock City Mushrooms

Company Name: Rock City Mushrooms
About: Rock City Mushrooms, in Philmont, New York, grows high quality, indoor cultivated Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms year round.
Category: fruits + vegetables
Frequency: weekly in December, then 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month
item_number: 40 of 54

Company Name: SallyeAnder
About: SallyeAnder, of Beacon, New York, produces handcrafted soaps, which in some cases utilize ingredients sourced from regional farms (ie: Edgwick Farm goats milk) and in all cases are hypoallergenic and made without artificial fragrances, dyes or perfumes.
Category: non-edible products
Frequency: 2nd & 4th Saturdays of each month
item_number: 41 of 54
Simply Planted Greenhouses

Company Name: Simply Planted Greenhouses
About: Simply Planted Greenhouses(formerly Eden Farms Greenhouses), in West Milford, New Jersey, creates gorgeous, long-lasting, lush flowers that are naturally insect-resistant without the use of insecticides.
Category: plants + flowers
Frequency: returns in March
item_number: 42 of 54
Spice Revolution

Company Name: Spice Revolution
About: Spice Revolution connects home cooks with common and exotic spices of the highest quality, from all over the world. They also craft chocolates from fair trade organic cocoa beans into truly unique treats.
Category: baked goods, culinary herbs, specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: weekly
item_number: 43 of 54
Spoonful Of Sugar Bakeshop

Company Name: Spoonful Of Sugar Bakeshop
About: Dedicated to offering quality gluten free baked goods, including cookies, breads, and award winning cakes, of Sugar Bakeshop creates its delicious baked items in its dedicated gluten free facility.
Category: baked goods, specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: 3rd Saturdays in December, then 2nd Saturday of each month
item_number: 44 of 54
Strudel Z

Company Name: Strudel Z
About: Strudel Z, in Hudson, New York, creates sweet and savory strudels using regionally sourced fruits and vegetables, and a made-from-scratch, hand pulled dough.
Category: baked goods, specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: absent in January; then 1st & 3rd Saturday of each month
item_number: 45 of 54

Company Name: Teagevity
About: Teagevity, in Nyack, New York, produces custom tea blends using exotic, Organic teas from around the world and regional herbs. Owner Peston Powell personally brews and samples his teas which are sold loose leaf, and as hot or iced tea experiences.
Category: beverages, specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: weekly
item_number: 46 of 54
The Peanut Principle

Company Name: The Peanut Principle
About: The Peanut Principle, in Cohoes, New York, has been creating gourmet peanut butters for 23 years. They offer great tasting standards as well as wild flavors you'll never see anywhere else!
Category: specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: weekly except absent each 3rd Saturday of the month
item_number: 47 of 54
The River Garden

Company Name: The River Garden
About: The River Garden, of Catskill, New York grows field cut flowers, herbs, and ornamentals, to create beautiful bouquets and wreaths.
Category: plants + flowers
Frequency: returns with outdoor market
item_number: 48 of 54
Tree Juice Maple Syrup

Company Name: Tree Juice Maple Syrup
About: Tree Juice Maple Syrup, of Arkville, New York, creates syrup by traditional methods: tapping maples, wood fire boiling, and then bottling by hand, all at Lazy Crazy Acres Farm in the Catskills. This year they will visit the Market on April 22.
Category: honey + maple products, specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: special visits, tba
item_number: 49 of 54
Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt

Company Name: Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt
About: Trimona Bulgarian Yogurt, of Norwich, New York, produces Certified Organic Bulgarian yogurt made from the milk of grass fed cows. Available through current vendor Kriemhild Dairy Farms, known to shoppers for their own excellent butters and cr?me fraiche.
Category: dairy, specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: 3rd Saturday of each month
item_number: 50 of 54
Trotta Foods

Company Name: Trotta Foods
About: Foods, in Thornwood, New York, handcrafts a variety fresh pastas and pasta sauces, as well as mozzarella, ricotta and mascarpone cheeses, and other Italian specialties you can take home, enjoy, and pass off as your own.
Category: dairy, specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: weekly
item_number: 51 of 54
Warwick Valley Winery & Black Dirt Distillery

Company Name: Warwick Valley Winery & Black Dirt Distillery
About: Warwick Valley Winery & Black Dirt Distillery, in Warwick, New York, creates a variety of wines, fruit wines, hard ciders, fruit liqueurs, and gin that have people singing for more.
Category: beverages
Frequency: returns with outdoor market
item_number: 52 of 54
Whitecliff Vineyard

Company Name: Whitecliff Vineyard
About: Whitecliff Vineyards, in Gardiner, New York, has built up over 30 years to become one of the largest family owned and operated wineries in the region, producing award winning, European-style wines.
Category: beverages
Frequency: returns with outdoor market
item_number: 53 of 54
Wright's Farm

Company Name: Wright's Farm
About: Wright's Farm, of Gardiner, New York, sells fresh homegrown fruits and specialty berries (and some veggies), homemade jams, jellies, pickles and canned goods, pies and baked goods made with their own fruit, and they also bring pastured eggs too.
Category: baked goods, beverages, eggs, fruits + vegetables, specialty + prepared foods
Frequency: returns with outdoor market
item_number: 54 of 54
Yellow Bell Farm

Company Name: Yellow Bell Farm
About: Yellow Bell Farm, in Elizaville, NY, is owned and operated by 3rd generation poultry farmer Katie Bogdanffy. Katie brings to market fresh free-running roasting chickens, chicken parts and tasty brown eggs as well.
Category: eggs, meat + poultry
Frequency: weekly