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CULINARY: Pre-register To Participate In October 14 Phelps Annual Apple Pie Contest

Sat Sep 30

8:30 am-1:00 pm

Pleasantville start your ovens! The Phelps Annual Apple Pie Contest is October 14. Do you have the baked goods to win? Have fun finding out -- br... MOREing an all-from-scratch apple pie or apple dessert and a $5 entry fee to the Pleasantville Farmers Market on Saturday, October 14. Shoppers can pre-register to participate at the Manager's Tent each Saturday, or do so by emailing info@pleasantvillefarmersmarket.org. You could win bragging rights for a year and an abundant gift basket! How do you like them apples? LESS

Sat Sep 30

8:30 am-12:30 pm

Be a part of the movement to celebrate a healthier diet and a better food system. You have already taken steps towards this movement by being pa... MORErt of our farmers market family. Thank you! NOTE: All Health & Sustainability and Culinary events are made possible thanks to generous support from Lead Sponsor Phelps Hospital Northwell Health. LESS
KIDS - Rewilding School

Sat Sep 30

9:30 am-11:00 am

The Wilding School offers outdoor education programs for children and adults and will host a craft such as painting rocks or basket weaving.
MUSIC SERIES: chansons francaises, Les Tappan Zigues

Sat Sep 30

10:00 am-12:00 pm

Mike and Vicente are a duo specializing in performing chansons Francaises (traditional lyric-driven French songs), interpreting Brassens, Brel, M... MOREontand, Gainsbourg and original work as well. http://www.reverbnation.com/lestappanzigues LESS

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Interested in learning more about SNAP? Click here



The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

The Pleasantville Farmers Market wants to help make it more possible for people of limited means to eat healthful food. That's why we've worked closely with the State of New York to be able to accept SNAP. 

Simply bring your SNAP card to the Market Manager's desk and ask for a certain dollar amount. We will swipe your card, exchange it for SNAP Market coins, and add 40% more, to help your dollars go farther. You can redeem your SNAP coins at any Market vendor where you see the SNAP sign. While vendors cannot give change for SNAP coins, you will get the nutritious, delicious food you and your family will love.

The SNAP program is made possible through a generous donation by the Pleasantville Lions Club.


  1. Come to the Manager’s Tent. 
  2. There, use your Food Stamp (EBT) Card to purchase SNAP coins.  These coins will act as “cash” at the Pleasantville Farmers Market only. The coins come in the following denominations: $5 or $1 coins.  Also as an incentive to purchase fresh foods at our Market you will be given a 40% bonus.  So for every $5 you will be given an extra $2 coin.  The 40% incentive was generously donated by The Lion’s Club of Pleasantville and will be available as funds last.
  3. Please note the vendors you purchased from are not allowed to give cash change for these tokens.  They will either add additional product to bring the sale to an even dollar amount or you can add your own cash for the difference.  
  4. Use your coins at any market booth that displays
 a sign stating “Food Stamp (EBT) Tokens Accepted Here.” 


  1. You may keep coins and use them next time you shop at the Pleasantville Farmers Market because coins do not have an expiration date.
  2. Unused tokens may be exchanged at the token booth for a refund back onto your Food Stamp (EBT) Card.   Please note for every $5 returned you must return the $2 coin.

 Please pass by the Manager's Table for details.